Hanging Basket Planter

Discount planters are the best! Now that its nearing the end of summer, I got these babies for $2 at walmart, so of course I had to get 2 of them. I knew exactly what I was going to put in them….

My hens & chicks are over flowing with babies so I needed somewhere to plant them. These hanging baskets were perfect because they offer great drainage & they are very pretty!

For any succulents I always use MiracleGro for Succulents. I filled the basket almost near the top.


These are my beloved hen & chicks planters I got at the beginning of spring! They are so beautiful & full of life! I love watching the babies grow down from the “mother hen”.    The babies can then be pulled from the Hen & planted into their own pots. I love putting them into terra cotta pots. They are inexpensive & cute! But since I needed something to put into this hanging basket, this was the perfect option! Here you can see my mother hens with their chicks. I also added some babies off of my other succulents to the basket.

Once you pull your chicks from the mother hen, most will already have roots, like in the picture below. Even if they don’t, you can still stick them into soil & they will root on their own!


I went ahead & pulled a bunch of babies off the mother & stuck them into the soil.


I filled the basket with babies, leaving room for them to grow.




And, voila! Here is the finished product! So beautiful! Can’t wait to watch it grow & bloom! Feel free to share your ideas & creations! ♥


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