DIY Mother’s Day Planter

We love Mom & Grandma. But, finding that perfect gift can be hard. As everyone knows, handmade from the heart is always the best way to go! This inexpensive flower pot is a great gift for any Mom or Grandma! & the best part of it is the kids hand prints around the pot!

I used my Silhouette Cutter to cut out the words “Happy Mother’s Day” & “We Love You”.  If you don’t have a vinyl cutter that’s totally fine! You can just improvise & hand paint it on!

Supplies you will need:

  • Dollar Store flower pot of your choice (mine was like $1)
  • Acrylic paint for kids hand prints
  • Paint brushes (if you are hand painting words on)
  • Vinyl cutter & Permanent Vinyl
  • Plant/Flowers of your choice (my kids chose these gorgeous Daisies!)
  • Soil
  • Lots of love!

The process is pretty self explanatory but if you need help, please feel free to comment! This project can be done however you want & in whatever colors you’d like!

As always, feel free to share!




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